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View our full custom pin headers, using substrate materials, and our semi-custom pin headers that allow partial selection of dimensions from a variety of basic configurations.

Pin Headers photo

Female headers are produced in a variety of bases, with customizable numbers of electrodes.

Female Headers photo

SMT bottom entry type socket terminals and SMT conversion adapter, and custom SMT parts and components using enhanced heat dissipation and contact strength.

Custom SMT Parts & Components photo

In this system, terminals are inserted directly into the boards and molded parts. Pre-form chain terminals and chain terminal inserters.

Pre-form Chain Terminal Insert Systems photo

Crimping systems for use as splice joints for solderless connection of electric wires and electronic parts and components

Crimping Systems photo

Loose custom pin terminals. We can produce sizes, bending, coating, etc., according to custom specifications

Pin Terminals, Lead-Pin photo

Custom flexible interconnection parts using magnetic wires. These can be connected board to board in a variety of configurations.

Flexible board connectors photo

1.27 mm pitch, 2 mm pitch and 2.54 mm pitch mini jumpers

Mini Jumpers photo

Our assembly services insert ICREX terminals into boards and molded parts provided by the customer.

Assembly Services photo

Tubes and protective caps used for parts and components protection and insulation. We can manufacture tube caps from a thickness of 0.1 mm.

Tube Caps, Protective caps photo