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Pin Terminals, Lead-Pin

Pin terminals and lead pins produced according to custom specifications

Pin Terminals, Lead-Pin description

Pin terminals manufactured singly in header processing.

  • A wide range of shapes and forms are possible, such as ribbed and flattened terminals and terminals that can bend through 90 degrees.
  • We can offer custom specifications for form, dimensions, line form (square, circular, rectangular, etc.), surface treatment, material, etc.
  • These components can be used as printed circuit board terminals and terminals for molded parts, etc.
  • Single tab terminals (press punched terminals) can also be manufactured, using press processing.
Pin Terminals, Lead-Pin description image

Pin Terminals, Lead-Pin description special features

A wide range of processing is possible, such as bending, flattening, knurling and rivet processing, so

  • switching from cutting pins,
  • switching from press punching processed products, and
  • switch from wrapping processed products (fine cut),

means that significant cost reductions and quality improvements can be achieved.

Pin Terminals, Lead-Pin process examples

  • Three step bendingThree step bending imageThree step bending photo
  • Crank bending + headerCrank bending + header imageCrank bending + header photo
  • Double crank bendingDouble crank bending imageDouble crank bending photo
  • U-bendU-bend imageU-bend photo
  • Hook bendHook bend imageHook bend photo
  • Crank bendCrank bend imageCrank bend photo
  • Bending + flatteningBending + flattening imageBending + flattening photo
  • Crank bending + flatteningCrank bending + flattening imageCrank bending + flattening photo
  • Header + grooveHeader + groove imageHeader + groove photo
  • Flange + knurlingFlange + knurling imageFlange + knurling photo
  • Double flangeDouble flange imageDouble flange photo
  • Rounding + dimple starRounding + dimple star imageRounding + dimple star photo
  • Header + special two surface flatteningHeader + special two surface flattening imageHeader + special two surface flattening photo
  • Two diametersTwo diameters imageTwo diameters photo
  • Flange + dimple starFlange + dimple star imageFlange + dimple star photo
  • RivetRivet imageRivet photo
  • Double hookDouble hook imageDouble hook photo
  • Block (hollow)Block (hollow) imageBlock (hollow) photo
  • Fine cutFine cut imageFine cut photo
  • Block (solid)Block (solid) imageBlock (solid) photo
  • Bullet + flangeBullet + flange imageBullet + flange photo
  • Bullet + taperBullet + taper imageBullet + taper photo
  • Flange + leading edge holeFlange + leading edge hole imageFlange + leading edge hole photo
  • Leading edge special hole + flange + cogLeading edge special hole + flange + cog imageLeading edge special hole + flange + cog photo

Pin Terminals, Lead-Pin application examples

  • Double flange pin terminal for board to board imageDouble flange pin terminal for board to board
  • Fine cut pin termina for bonding wire imageFine cut pin terminal for bonding wire
  • Dimple star pin terminals for PCB imageDimple star pin terminals for PCB
  • Lock pin terminal for SD card connector imageLock pin terminal for SD card connector
  • Lead pin terminal imageLead pin terminal