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Flexible Interconnect Parts FiP-01

Flexible interconnect parts can be used for flexible board to board connection.

Flexible interconnect parts overview

Flexible interconnect parts using magnetic wires.
They can be used for a variety of board to board attachments, and provide greater freedom in board to board connection arrangements.
We also provide FiP-01, fully bendable in all directions.
We also support customization with other than FiP-01 specifications.

Flexible interconnect parts photo

Flexible interconnect parts special features

  • Flexible interconnect part FiP can be used to provide extra freedom in board wiring after boards have been soldered.
  • The component is a flat type.
  • Component length, number of poles, pitch, etc. can all be selected as custom specifications.
Flexible interconnect parts image

Flexible interconnect part FiP-01 specifications

  • Conductor material : copper wire (polyurethane coating)
  • Tape material : NOMEX®adhesive tape
  • Rated temperature : -30℃to 105℃
  • Rated current: 2A
  • No. of poles: 2P to 30P

Standard specification
Pitch ㎜ Length ㎜
1.27 20 40 60 ×
2.0 20 40 60 80
2.54 20 40 60 80

❊Excluding leads

❊Please enquire for details of other specifications.

Sample dimensions

Sample dimensions image

Flexible interconnect parts usage examples

  • Usage example 1 imageUsage example 1
  • Usage example 2 imageUsage example 2
  • Usage example 3 imageUsage example 3
  • Usage example 4 imageUsage example 4