Creation of custom connection parts JAPANESE When contacting ICREX,
please do not telephone but
use the inquiry form on our website.
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Here are some examples of FAQs.

Overall product guide

Q1-1 : Are ICREX products in stock?

ANSWER : ICREX products are basically custom or semi-custom produced, so we don't keep large inventories.

Q1-2 : Are ICREX products RoHS compliant?

ANSWER : Yes. All ICREX products are all RoHS compliant.

Q1-3 : What kind of products are board to board interconnection parts and components?

Pin headers

Q2-1 : What kinds of pin headers are available?

ANSWER : We provide two types of pin headers: full custom pin header that can be used to match our customers' desired specifications as closely as possible, and semi-custom pin headers that can be easily customized from a variety of basic shapes.

Q2-2 : Can the dimensions and pitch, etc., of full custom pin headers be specified?

ANSWER : Basically, yes, with some limitations. Let us know what your conditions are, and we will investigate.

Q2-3 : What is the base material of full custom pin headers?

ANSWER : Basically, we use CEM-3 for the base material. We can also support molded pieces, although this does involve mold costs.

Q2-4 : Can full custom pin headers be ordered fully customized?

ANSWER : Yes. We will work to meet your specifications.

Q2-5 : We want to keep a certain distance between substrates. Is there a good way of achieving this?

Q2-6 : he parts we have been using have been discontinued, but we don't want to change boards. Can you recommend a good solution?

Q2-7 : Do you have pin headers that can connect boards horizontally?

Q2-8 : In board to board connection, do you have pin headers that can absorb and alleviate stress on solder parts, such as thermal stress?

Q2-9 : Do you have pin headers that can connect board to board without soldering?

Q2-10 : Do you have pin headers for which the number of poles and the terminal length can be specified?

Female headers

Q3-1 : Do you have female headers for which the number of poles can be specified?

Q3-2 : Do you have SMT type female headers?


Q4-1 : What kind of pitch can mini-jumpers accommodate?

ANSWER : We have stocks of mini-jumpers in pitches of 1.27mm, 2mm, and 2.54mm.

Custom SMT parts and components

Q5-1 : Can custom SMT parts and components be supplied in reel format?

ANSWER : Basically, yes, though they require an embossed mold.

Q5-2 : Can the pad sections of boards be reinforced?

Q5-3 : We only want to gold plate one section of a board only. Is there a good way of doing this?

ANSWER : Why not try mounting a gold plated plate terminal onto the required pad?

Q5-4 : How block terminals are used.

ANSWER : These components are mounted around heat generating parts in order to dissipate heat, and as mechanical components of modules.

Q5-5 : What parts do you have for the retrofitting of lead parts, etc.?

Flexible interconnect parts

Q6-1 : Do you have connecting parts that are able to connect board to board in a variety of configurations?

Preform chain terminal insert systems

Q7-1 : Can terminal sizes and pin lengths be specified in preform chain pin terminal insert systems?

ANSWER : Basically, yes, with some limitations. Please enquire for more details.

Q7-2 : What sales restrictions are there on chain terminal inserters?

ANSWER : The condition is that ICREX preform chain terminals are used.

Q7-3 : What types of chain terminal inserters are available?

Q7-4 : Can the preform chain pin terminals be assigned a stacking function?

ANSWER : There are some limitations, but with a flange (collar) or star, they can be assigned a stacking function. Please enquire for more details.

Pin Terminals and lead pins

Q8-1 : Can you manufacture loose terminals, other than the terminals that are linked as in preform chain terminals?

Assembly service

Q9-1 : Do the workpieces always need to be supplied for assembly services?

ANSWER : Our service can include the workpieces. Please enquire for more details.

Q9-2 : Can direct pins be fitted on commercial boards?

ANSWER : We will need to talk about the hole diameters on the commercial boards, but it is possible.

Tube caps

Q10-1 : What kinds of usage examples do you have for tube caps?

ANSWER : We have examples of tube caps used to protect connectors and mobile phone antennae, etc.

Q10-2 : Can you manufacture protective covers for pin headers?

Crimping systems

Q11-1 : What kinds crimping systems do you specialize in?

ANSWER : Our specialty is splice joints that connect "wire to wire" and "wire to component lead wire".

Q11-2 : What is the role of the applicator in the crimping system?

ANSWER : This is the tool that performs the actual crimping.

Q11-3 : Are manual crimping tools available?

ANSWER : In our crimping system, the terminals are crimped in the crimper in the form of a ribbon. Unfortunately, therefore, we do not have manual crimping tools.

Q11-4 : I'd like to confirm whether a particular type of crimping is available in your crimping system.

ANSWER : Send us the workpiece to be crimped, and we can look into it.

Q11-5 : What role do ribbon terminals play in the crimping system?

ANSWER : The ribbon terminals are the terminals in a ribbon or strip form which are fed into the applicator that is set in the crimper.