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Pin Headers

Full custom pin headers and semi-custom pin headers

Pin headers description

At ICREX, we provide two types of pin headers: full custom pin headers and semi-custom pin headers.

Full custom pin headers are pin headers for which elements such as terminal configurations, terminal pitch, etc., are all customizable. Because the base of the pin header uses the substrate material, high initial costs, such as mold costs, etc., can be reduced. Also, though some mold costs are involved, molded parts and components can be based on original molds.
We are ready to accommodate requests for special pin headers that are not available with existing commercial products.

Fullcustom pin headers image

Semi-custom pin headers are pin headers for which dimensions are customizable, based on a range of basic specifications. We have pin headers based on a variety of basic specifications, such as DIP types, SMT type. Customizable dimensions allow greater freedom in design and a reduction in the man-hours required to cut terminals to the desired lengths.

Semi-custom pin headers image

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