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Problem resolution case studies

Problem resolution case studies 1

Airtight rubber header


I want to make a connector connection to get signals from a board that is inside a unit that needs to be airtight.

Case1 Customer's request image

We suggested a method of using rubber as the base of the header to make a connector connection while keeping the unit airtight.

Case1 ICREX proposal image

Reflow heat countermeasure


For components that cannot withstand reflow heat, we have to mount them on the board after reflow. We want to reduce the number of man-hours for this process.

Case2 Customer's request image

Mount a socket that matches the components’ lead pitch and pattern onto the board, then mount the components onto the socket after reflow.

Case2 ICREX proposal image

Pitch conversion adapter


Our standard module lead pitch doesn’t match our customer’s motherboard pitch.

Case3 Customer's request image

Connect to different pitch modules via a pitch conversion adapter connected to a pattern.

Case3 ICREX proposal image

Pin header different shape from base


When a header is attached to a circular board, the board needs to be made smaller, so there is a lot of dead space.

Case4 Customer's request image

Make the base curved, maintaining the effective surface area and reducing the board size.

Case4 ICREX proposal image

Because the header base uses substrate material CEM-3, it is freely customizable without any initial mold costs.