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Crimping Systems TOP

Crimping systems for connecting electrical wires and the lead wires of electronic parts and components from strip form crimping terminals (ribbon terminals).

Crimping systems overview

ICREX crimping systems are intermediate splicing joint systems that are especially useful in making connections between mainly electrical wires, electrical wires and component lead wires, and between component lead wires.
The systems use crimping ribbon crimpers and strip form ribbon terminals.
Ribbon crimper RIM-201 is a crimping connection device that can crimp in approximately 0.2 seconds.
The device cuts, forms and crimps ribbon terminals (terminals in strip form) to connect workpieces.
It is a highly reliable connecting system that can be used to connect electrical wires, electrical wires and component lead wires, and between component lead wires.

Crimping systems overview image
Ribbon crimper RIM-201 photo

Ribbon crimper RIM-201

  • stranded wire to stranded wire imagestranded wire to stranded wire
  • stranded wire to single wire imagestranded wire to single wire
  • single wire to single wire imagesingle wire to single

Crimping system special features

Highly reliable

In order to increase the contact area between the terminal and the crimped lead wire, the crimped terminal (ribbon terminal) has a wave-like serrated finish that enables improved electrical and mechanical (withdraw strength) properties after crimping.

Serration image

Stable quality

Wire threading is performed mechanically, which means that there is very little variation in the quality of the operator when compared with manual soldering, where quality varies considerably with the experience of the operator. In this way, stable quality connection is achieved.

Variety of products that can be crimped

With the ribbon crimper, various types of crimping are possible because the items to be crimped, like preform terminals, do not interfere with adjacent terminals on the carrier or in a chain form. All you have to do is set the items to be crimped in the crimper (female mold) to feed a wide range of products, such as switches or coil ribbons and lead wires.

Crimped work image

Variety of shapes

Different applicators can be attached to the crimper to perform cutting, forming and crimping, so it is easy to produce customised shapes. In comparison with preform terminals (pressed) that require expensive press molds, custom specifications can be accommodated with the use of inexpensive applicators.

Custom shapes

Shapes image

Custom sizes

Sizes image