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Plate terminals

Plate terminals used to enhance the contact strength, etc. of board pad sections

Plate terminals overview

These terminals can be used for board pattern reinforcement or for heat dissipation.
Eleven different basic sizes are available, along with two types of coating finish.
Sizes and coating can be customised.

Plate terminals photo

Plate terminals special features

No burrs on front face (whole circumference curved)

Plate terminals side view photo

Plate terminals applications

Board connection, Contact reinforcement

Board connection image

On the pads to be gold plated

On the pads to be gold plated image

Plate terminals specifications

Material : Bronze
Part No.
Dimensions (Unit ㎜)
① W ② L ③ t
P1203 1 2 0.3
P2303 2 3 0.3
P2304 2 3 0.4
P3503 3 5 0.3
P3504 3 5 0.4
P4603 4 6 0.3
P4604 4 6 0.4
P4605 4 6 0.5
Part No. image
④ Surface treatment
Part No. Surface treatment
A Gold (0.1㎛)
S Tin (2㎛)

Other dimensions, materials and surface treatments can be accommodated.
Please inquire separately if taping is required.