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Wave Pin Headers

Pin headers that can absorb and alleviate thermal stress, etc.

Wave Pin Headers description

These connection parts provide connection between boards and absorption relief for thermal stress, etc., on soldered parts.

Wave Pin Header photo

Wave Pin Headers special features

  • Wave-shaped terminals are able to provide absorption relief for the stress on solder joints that is caused when components are to be connected to metallic boards and glass epoxy boards, due to the differences in the thermal expansion co-efficient.
  • The pin type configuration allows for greater relief along X, Y, and Z axes.
Wave Pin Header special features image1

When it is not a wave-shaped terminals.

Wave Pin Headers image 1

In case of wave-shaped terminals

Wave Pin Headers image 2

Wave Pin Headers product examples

  • Single lineWave Pin Header Single line
  • Double lineWave Pin Header Double line
  • Triple lineWave Pin Header Triple line

Wave Pin Headers specifications

Specifications : Pin terminals
Size Square 0.35㎜〜0.8㎜,
Round 0.4㎜〜0.8㎜
Material Brass (C2700W),
phosphor bronze (C5191W),
Surface treatment tin, Gold
Specifications : Base
Material CEM-3, etc
Thickness 0.8㎜〜1.6㎜
Pitch 1.27㎜〜
Wave Pin Headers image